Our Kindergarten 

Our teachers are qualified in various Early Childhood Studies and focus the curriculum around the Early Years Learning Framework. Our centre’s learning focus and activities are planned from the children’s current interests.

3 & 4 Year Old Kinder

The Kindergarten program works closely with the local community and Primary Schools.

As of 2021 the Australian government is launching a funded 3 year old kinder program. What this means is that every Wednesday and Thursday from 9.15am till 2.15pm, a kinder session is held in conjunction with the 4 year old session during school terms. Our 4 year old funded kindergarten sessions are held Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 9.15am till 2.15pm.

When attending Kindergarten children should be supplied with: a piece of fruit to share for morning tea, water bottle, healthy lunch and a hat and additional clothing. Please also note that uniforms are for sale at the centre, however they are not compulsory. 

In terms 3 and 4 a program called Linking Learning is run in conjunction with the Primary School next door. This a day every fortnight where the children go to the school for a few hours to help ease the transition to school. This helps to develop relationships with the other children at the school and start to get a feel of what a school setting is like. 

Marysville Bush Kinder

At Marysville Kindergarten we believe in the importance of nature and outside play in a child’s learning and development. Numerous studies also support the need for children to spend time outside in nature.  Children are natural learners, our Bush kinder will provide the children with the ideal learning environment: time and space to play in a natural setting, materials provided by nature and their own interests and enjoyment spurring them on in their learning.

They will have the opportunity to play in the rain, the mud, roll down hill, balance on fallen logs, find insects, birds, animals and plants that interest them. Children will explore their natural world by playing with water from the creek, race stick boats, collect rocks and sticks to roast marshmellows on our camp fire!

These experiences will expand their knowledge and skills and share them with family, friends and educators. Each child’s development progression, advancing skill levels and particular interests will be noted by their teachers, and from this information the teachers will incorporate these interests into their plan back at kinder too! Through play the children will connect with their land in a way that cannot be done under a roof or within walls.


The Bush Kinder site is located on Pack Road, Marysville! It’s walking distance from our Kindergarten. 


3 year old kinder- $200 per term
4 year old kinder- $300 per term
Health Care Card Holders may be eligible for a kindergarten fee subsidy

Special Fee – Long Day Care & Kindergarten Booking: $68.00 per day (this rate only applies to children enrolled in 3 & 4 Year Old Kindergarten ON the days they attend Kindergarten. This fee is subject to families CCB & CCR entitlement)